We’re busy getting ready for Vinisud at the moment. You’ll find us at Hall 11 Aisle A Stand 99 (or  11A99 in Vinisud talk). We will, once again, be sharing a booth with Laurent and Julien Brechet and Philippe Cambie.

In addition to our latest vintages of Costieres de Nîmes in Château de Nages, Nostre Païs, and Lou Coucardié, you will also be able to savor Château de Vaudieu of Châteauneuf du Pâpe; Les Halos de Jupiter by Philippe CambieDomaine des Bosquets of GigondasLes Piliers and Les Insolites of  Michel GassierChâteau de la Coulerette of Côtes de ProvenceDomaine de la Jérôme in Côtes du Rhône VillagesCercius in Côtes du Rhône; and finally but not least Plateau des Chênes of Lirac.

In reds we will largely be showing the 2010 vintages and in whites and rosés the 2011 vintages. Please feel free to stop by. You’ll be able to discover our full range of wines in a relaxed and accessible environment. If you’d like some privileged one-on-one time, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@michelgassier.com or +334. and schedule an appointment.